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Local Rules or Laws

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Before you begin to take up beekeeping, there are things to consider before buying your equipment or how you want to get your bees. Most of the time you are subject to rules that are in your area. You should research these before starting your adventure to decide if it is even worth it. You don’t want to put a lot of time and effort into your new hobby only to be hit with fines or legal troubles.

Your Neighborhood/HOA

The neighborhood or homeowner’s association may have particular rules about bees. They may not allow any at all. They may have a limited number of hives allowed on your lot. They might also require that you let everyone know in the neighborhood before you begin beekeeping, so someone can let you know if they are allergic.

Your City/County

The city or county you live in may have strict requirements. With bee populations dying, many cities have tried to relax on ordinances concerning bees, but there could still be some you need to know. There could be a limit to how many bees per acre are allowed on your property. You may have a licensing requirement. There may be some sort of registration. You may be required to place them on a particular spot on your property or provide water or fence off the area. Look into what your city allows.

Your State

Your state definitely has rules regarding beekeeping and selling honey. These rules will be dictated by the size of your operation. Make sure you do your research and follow the laws pertaining to bottling and selling your honey, caring for your hives, or if your apiary is considered a farm or not. There are many particular things to watch out for when creating an apiary. You want to make sure you follow all the legal requirements. When you find out about something, just make sure to incorporate it into your apiary.

Speak with local bee keepers, get in touch with the local club, or contact an agricultural representative for your local governing body. Following the rules will help you in having a successful operation.

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