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Why I Want To Be Prom Queen Essay colythom




 . . I was chosen for Homecoming Court. I always wanted to know why. I have written my answers on a yellow sticky note that I have attached to my mirror, in my bathroom, in my nightstand, and on my desk at home. Homecoming is one of the most important events of high school. From now on, you will be in a high school forever. I remember sitting with my parents at my first High School Homecoming Dance. They told me how much I had changed since freshman year. They talked to me about how they felt about the fact that the school honored me with such an important title. I cried that night, and I could not wait for the next Homecoming Dance to see if I would be Homecoming Queen. I was so happy when I was selected. My mom and dad made the trip to Florida so I could wear my beautiful . . . tiara and . . . gown. . . . My father reminded me that the ceremony would be a huge event and that I would be in front of a large crowd. My aunt had told me that there would be gifts, food, and lots of people in the audience. I had everything that I needed for the night. I had worn my new dress with pink lacey spaghetti straps. I had been so happy to be able to do something new and wear something that I had only worn once before at my school’s Homecoming Dance. I wore my “almost perfect” little tiara that had been made by my friend’s mother. I had my pearls and my gold anklet. I was ready! I was expecting that the ceremony would be filled with students wearing pastel colored dresses, dancing, and eating. I was in for a surprise. As I walked to the gym, I saw that a large majority of the students were in jeans and sneakers. Only about 20% of the students were wearing their actual dresses. The gym was full and the audience was getting loud. I had not been the only student who asked why the majority of students were not in dresses. The answer was simple. I was the only student who would be wearing a dress to the ceremony. This only showed the confidence that I had. I felt like I had won some sort of prize. When I entered the gym, I was greeted with loud applause. I noticed that there were quite a few students who were in dresses and quite a few




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Why I Want To Be Prom Queen Essay colythom

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