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Your Honey Is Fake

If you have only purchased honey from the grocery store, more than likely what you are bringing home isn't real honey. But what is it then? For many years companies have been allowed to mix syrups such as corn syrup into their honey without having to show anything on the label. The FDA has tried to introduce more stringent requirements, but not all companies comply. Have you ever noticed that honey is the only food product in the grocery store that does not have an ingredients list on the label?

In addition, some companies will filter out the pollen from the honey. This makes the honey more difficult to trace its origin and allows cheaper fillers to be added and more difficult to detect.

If you are wanting to consume real honey, always check your labels. However, the best way is to make sure to purchase your honey from a beekeeper you trust. Real honey is a pleasure in life and you are cutting yourself short if you are buying a cheap honey blend!

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