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Our Story

Bixbee Farms was founded in 2014 by father and son Jim and Trent Maness. The journey began when they bought their first two beehives to help their garden. In the process of learning how to take care of these hives, they both found a great passion for beekeeping. Both engineers, they found efficient ways to care for their bees and kept detailed notes. Through moments of error and success, they grew their 2 hive apiary to 60. Many memories were made out at the bee yard. Jim passed away in 2019 and we honor him through our continued efforts in our beekeeping. Our apiary is a bit smaller now but, our desire to take care of our bees and the planet is large. We are proud to bring local honey to our community and continue our quest to save the bees!

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Home: Our Story

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Saving the bees, one hive at a time


Owners Jessica and Trent Maness

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